And the Orchestra Played On…

Today I have my second interview for my redundancy (aka ‘second individual consultation meeting’). It’s like a curious life reversal with all the emotions, anticipations and optimism forming a negative of the process you normally go through when you apply for a new job.

Of course, in this instance there is no chance that I won’t succeed in being redundant. This is a consultation process in name only, to satisfy the legal bells and whistles required. So there is literally no hope to be dashed.

I guess that it’s a good thing that the company I’ve worked for the past 3 years is fulfilling its legal duties. But I’d rather be writing this blog post from my delightful back garden rather than a basement office without sunshine, where the mood is reminiscent of the Titanic after the iceberg struck and the man who built her announced: “She is made of iron, she will sink.”

So I’ll be filling in the hours by rebuilding my website to become a proper online portfolio to support my cv which is temporarily harboured in the root directory.

And with its SSL certificate (that’s https:// and padlock, remember) it’s a million times more secure than my current job. Hopefully it can help reflect my career soon…

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