Arrrggggh! My Retina MacBook Pro has succumbed to STAINGATE!

Stained MacBook Pro

Nasty shock this morning. Decided to clean the screen of my beloved mid-2014 Retina MacBook Pro and a nasty stain appeared by the FaceTime camera. Tried scrubbing it harder but only succeeded in spreading it even more.

A quick Google revealed that this is a common problem with early Retina MacBook pro and has inevitably earned its own -Gate ‘moniker’: StainGate.*

Apple hasn’t acknowledged anything publicly on its support site but it’s apparently fixing the issue free of charge. I’ve arranged a service appointment on Saturday so we’ll see what happens.

But one things for certain: I don’t want to stare at a MacBook Pro with a hideous birth-mark right in my sightline. Ugh.

*Apparently it’s down to the anti-reflective coating on the screen wearing off prematurely. I seem to have a very mild case of it (see below for a much nastier one)