Digg sees sense at last

Digg has finally seen the light of reason and plans to ditch its obnoxious iFrame toolbar. Here’s the new chief executive Kevin Rose on the move:

Framing content with an iFrame is bad for the Internet. It causes confusion when bookmarking, breaks w/iFrame busters, and has no ability to communicate with the lower frame

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Den of Geek versus The Daily Mail – round 2

Good to see my old site Den of Geek sticking it to the Daily Mail over its predictably canned outrage over the upcoming film Kick Ass. (Which incidentally looks likes like more fun than a barrel of monkeys).

So I sent the editor Simon Brew a little tip off that the article wasn’t just puerile pathetic shite, it was also totally plagiaristic. (Confessions I didn’t spot it because I have better things to do than read the Daily Mail. But the brilliant blog site Tabloid Watch nailed them.)

So now the Den of Geek peeps have run a follow-up to their article complete with an appeal to readers to write their own 100-word review of the film in the style of The Daily Mail.

Which means that whatever you do, you mustn’t watch it first.

How long before we hear from Jan Moir?

Now that another young, gay man has died suddenly. Let’s hope the poisonous bitch can wait till he’s cold in the ground before she starts speculating about just what happened. Finding out what the autopsy said would be nice too.

Kristian Digby seemed like a nice enough chap to me and was rather good as a TV presenter. May he rest in peace.

But that won’t happen will it?

Good news for Den of Geek

Den of Geek portrait logoJust heard some great news for Den of Geek – the website I helped to launch three years ago that has a special place in my heart.

Fresh from a successful partnership with Pixar to promote Up* and after posting it’s best ever monthly traffic and commercial figures, Dennis Interactive has assigned the site its own commercial manager.

I’ve known Jenny Sinnott for nearly five years and she was one of Den of Geek’s biggest supporters during the dark days. I’m sure she’ll do a sterling job bringing new advertisers and commercial partners onto the site and help it to become Dennis’ most successful lifestyle website. The opportunity is certainly there to take.

Watch out Empire Online, we’re in your rear-view mirror and closing fast…

*The site takeover was complimented by no less than Lee Unkrich – the director of Pixar’s next film Toy Story 3 .

About time!

My first ever blog post on WordPress. All part of the 2010 Mat Toor makeover to get a new full-time gig. New domains for mathewtoor.co.uk and mathewtoor.com – a holding page with CV and contact details. And a concerted attempt to start pestering recruitment agencies as much as they’ve pestered me.

Net result: 1 rejection email. But it’s early days yet.